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Afro hair is so versatile, you can do pretty much anything you want with it, as long as you understand your hair and it’s needs. Knowledge is power, as they say, so here are a few tips to encourage healthy hair.
So here’s a short, straight to the point checklist of things to do, so your hair won’t misbehave.
Some of these points below may be obvious to some of you, but not everyone has this knowledge.
Once you can control your hair to do what you want it to do, this then opens up many ways to apply different hair and clothing styles to compliment the versatility of your hair.


  • Use sulphate-free shampoo to wash your hair. Sulphate shampoos can dry out your hair, leading to lack of moisture and sometimes even damage, such as split ends.
  • Before bed, wrap your hair in a silk scarf to retain moisture throughout the night. This will help your hair grow.
  • Sleep on a satin pillow to lock in moisture
  • To keep hair moisturised throughout the day, use a good leave-in conditioner that will continually hydrate your hair.

These are just a few basic tips that you need to get into the habit of doing. Take care of your hair, and you will begin to see the benefits. You have to be patient and disciplined and you will definitely reap the benefits of a full healthy head of hair.

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