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China Bumps For Summer Style

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For a more relaxed look, Funmbi is cool and casual in a chocolate denim mini, and cream crocheted tank top.
These on-trend Summer colours are complimented by her make-up with gold eyeshshadow, and a delicate pink sheen on her lips.
Looks as Fresh as Funmbi by using a quality moisturiser for your hair, such as coconut oil, and sleeping with it wrapped in a silk headscarf, to keep your scalp moisturised.
This will stop the hair from drying out and reduce the temptation to scratch and pull at the china bumps, causing them to loosen, which will ruin the style.
Ideal for warm Summer evenings, this is one of those go-to outfits, you always look and feel your best in.
Pretty and feminine, this outfit is perfect for a night out with friends, or even a first date, where you look how you feel, chilled and relaxed.

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